What do we do?


We assist with projects that are just beginning, well underway or in need of special attention.   

Key services are listed here, and we can offer so much more!

• App development management (mobile & web)

• Program / project management

• Agile coaching

• Mentoring 

• Certified Scrum Master

• Logical solution design

• Business process improvement

• Business analysis

How do we do it ?

Strong methodsproper planning and skilled people lay the framework for successful software development.   

Because we are practitioners, we realize that not every rule fits every situation and are therefore adept in tailoring guidelines to meet your specific needs - from fully Agile to Kanban, to highly iterative waterfall (if we must).  

Fuzzy Logic provides seasoned professionals to work with your in-house staff. We blend into your environment and foster a strong team spirit.   

Fuzzy Logic is happy to assist you with any or all of your project and to tailor the delivery to suit your situation.   

In response to our services, our clients are thrilled to find senior resources who: 

•    Positively impact results from the start      

•    Focus on both the big picture and the details      

•    Integrate with and lead your team      

•    Allow you to "Get the Job Done!"